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Meltio Horizon

メーカー : Meltio

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Meltio Horizon is a unique toolpath generation software that uses the traditional slicing parameters used in FFF software, such as layer height, layer width, build speed and support material, as well as Meltio's DED technology, laser power, dual It has various functions such as wire and hot wire settings. All material-related settings are included, allowing direct control of the laser and heat rays per slice, allowing the creation of specialized print profiles.

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[Features of Meltio Horizon]

  • Developed for Meltio's 3D printers, compatible material profiles are already built in
  • You can choose the right build plate from the slicer based on your build size, and the workspace will automatically adjust and notify you if the build plate you choose is too small.
  • Easily save and share complete project files consisting of model files, workspaces, build plates, gas and material profiles

[Details of Meltio Horizon]

  • Operating environment OS: Windows 7-11
  • CPU Intel Core I5-4200H to Intel Core I7-11800H or higher recommended
  • Hard disk: 1GB or more of free space RAM 4-8GB or more
  • Display: 1920 x 1080 or higher resolution 2560 x 1140 or higher recommended
  • Compatibility: Meltio M450 only