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メーカー : 3devo

価格 : Please contact us

DevoVision is dedicated software for 3devo. By using DevoVision, filament can be analyzed in real time, and it is also possible to review filament production conditions and perform quality control. Simplify your workflow while maximizing your productivity.

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[Features of DevoVision]

  • Real-time Analysis: See your filament in real-time and make adjustments right away.
  • Workspace: Through the workspace you can easily visualize what is happening during extrusion.
  • Recording: It is possible to record and review the filament creation conditions, etc.
  • Public Network Display: The molding progress can be checked from other screens connected to the local network.

[Details of DevoVision]

  • Operating environment OS: Windows 8 or later (10 or higher recommended) Linux 64bit only