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メーカー : Ansys

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Ansys Discovery is a simulation tool that integrates design and analysis, providing immediate results as you make changes to your model. Design, experiment, and verification can be performed quickly with high accuracy, dramatically improving the efficiency of component and product development. Ansys SpaceClaim®, on the other hand, is a rapid model creation and editing 3D modeling tool that allows analysts and engineers to create, edit, and repair geometry.

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[Features of Ansys Discovery]

  • A 3D design exploration tool that can perform various simulations at high speed, from structural analysis such as stress analysis, eigenvalue analysis, and topology optimization to thermal analysis (solid heat conduction) and thermal fluid analysis.
  • Smooth access to geometry creation (MODEL stage), real-time simulation (EXPLORE stage), and high-precision simulation using a high-end solver (REFINE stage) from a single operating environment
  • Simple operability that allows even those with little CAE experience to easily execute calculations and check results

[Features of Ansys SpaceClaim®]

  • There are no design constraints, so users can design quickly and easily according to their own ideas
  • Ideal designs can be easily found, and simulation results can be used to continuously improve the model.

[Details of Ansys]

  • Operating environment OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Multi-core CPU recommended (Both Intel and AMD are supported)
  • RAM: 32GB or more recommended (16GB minimum)
  • Hard disk: 500GB or more free space recommended (minimum 100GB)
  • GPU: Based on NVIDIA Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal or Turing architecture (Maxwell 2000 or better Quadro recommended)