Now available! A chance to purchase a supportless powder lithography (SLS) 3D printer "Lisa X" at a great price! Contract molding is also underway

■Very popular! More than 3 months from order to delivery in the US and Europe

Powder Lithography (SLS) 3D printer developer and marketer Sinterit provides SLS 3D printing technology to help the world evolve into a more innovative and sustainable place. Lisa X supports a wide range of materials and has 32 adjustable parameters. When creating parts and products, even complex shapes can be formed with high quality without support. With build speeds of up to 14mm per hour, most parts and products are completed within 24 hours. From setup to completion, it takes only 45 minutes, which greatly reduces the time. It has already been used by universities and research institutes in Japan and overseas, and is the most suitable 3D printer for prototyping, small-lot production, research, and education.

Lisa X product page:

Lisa X sample example

Contact: | 0120-987-742

Limited to Lisa X purchasers, post-processing is now free 5 times (equivalent to 1 million yen)

3DPC provides post-processing services to improve the appearance and mechanical properties of parts and products made with 3D printers. At our company, we use the surface treatment equipment "PostPro" to not only finish the surface of parts smoothly, but also to increase durability and make them stronger against impacts. Also, by using PostPro, there is no need to clean up the powder that occurs in the past, so the time to delivery is shortened.

Now, with the purchase of Lisa X, there is no need to outsource the post-processing after molding to a new company, and we can do it for free! (Limited number of times)

Before post-processing
After post-processing

Top) Before post-processing Bottom) After post-processing with PostPro

‍・Period: April 4 (Tue) – June 30 (Fri), 2023

* Those who place an order within the above period are eligible for the campaign.

・AMT PostPro product page:

■For 3D printers and 3D printing technology, go to 3DPC. Factory tours are also available!

3DPC handles more than 10 types of 3D printers, including metal and resin, and provides consistent services from design and development to manufacturing, post-processing, and quality control under the knowledge and experience of our employees. . We also introduce the equipment, and after purchase, we provide training, repair, and maintenance support for 1 to 2 days. We also hold factory tours from time to time so that you can have a concrete image. You can actually see and touch 3D printers and molded products, so if you are interested, please contact us.

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