Large size (over 1m) final parts and products can be molded with a metal 3D printer!

The utilization rate of metal 3D printers in Japan is still low, but the modeling and mass production of final parts and products are already progressing overseas. Currently, metal parts are made using a casting technique in which a mold is first made and the melted metal is poured into the mold. In casting, many craftsmen spend days making a single part, which has a significant impact on cost and delivery time. Engine Robot enables molding of parts and products with the same strength as casting just by creating data. 3DPC aims for a better future for Japanese manufacturing and supply chains with the introduction of Engine Robot.

■ 7 attractions of Engine Robot

・Large size (1m or more) parts and products, and complex shapes can be molded without support ・Highly reliable metal parts can be molded due to high density of 99.995% and no voids (defects) ・Bimetallic parts and products Addition of parts that improve the performance of existing parts such as modeling/repair and cladding (build-up processing) ・Supports not only 9 types of genuine materials but also commercially available materials (MIG welding wire, etc.) ・Existing robot arms ( FANUC, YASKAWA ELECTRIC, ABB, KUKA, etc.) ・A design that does not require strict installation requirements or protective gear as in the past

*Product page: Engine Robot

■Engine Robot genuine materials

・Stainless steel: 316L (SUS316L)

・Stainless steel: 308L ・Stainless steel: 17-4PH (SUS630)

・Tool rope: H11 (SKD6) ・Nickel alloy: Inconel®718 (NCF718)

・Nickel alloy: Inconel®625 (NCF625)

・Nickel alloy: Invar

・Carbon steel: Mild steel ER70S

・Titanium alloy: Ti-6AL-4V

*Copper alloy/aluminum: Currently under development

* Compatible with existing materials currently in use, commercially available materials, and new materials

■ Industries in which Engine Robot is used

‍Research Centers, Defense, Machine Shops, Food, Aerospace, Construction, Automotive, Energy, Oil & Gas, etc.

Trimming Tool for Molds Material mild steel ER70S and tool steel Size 544 x 120 x 189 mm Weight 3.50 kg Print time 18 hours 22 minutes Industry Molds

‍ Food Mixer Material Stainless steel 316L Weight 4.60 kg Print time 16 hours 45 minutes Industry Food

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