A dreamy camper made possible by 3D printing

There are many tourist attractions in Japan. There are many tourists from overseas, so you can see how popular it is. On the other hand, there are many things that are difficult even though it is a long-awaited trip, such as hotel reservations, train and bullet train ticket arrangements, and traveling with large luggage on the day. If possible, I want to be comfortable during my trip... There is a company that can make such a dream come true.

Tokyo-based Dream Drive is creating a new way to travel Japan at an affordable price. It is a rental of a camper van converted into a comfortable car. Comfortable comfort not only on the road but also on the road. The comfort of being able to enjoy even staying in the car is just like a "moving hotel".

Jared Campion, the co-founder of Dream Drive, once experienced a lot of hardships when he traveled to Japan with his family. Bringing a child, carrying luggage, riding a Shinkansen... It's a story that any Japanese person would be familiar with. So, he thought that a camper would allow him to travel comfortably without having to carry heavy luggage.

"Our goal is to change the way people travel," he says. “We create a luxurious hotel-like space inside a car. By realizing a ‘moving hotel,’ we want to make traveling in Japan more comfortable.”

Background of introduction: Reduction of labor and improvement of efficiency

‍The used vans (campers) provided by Dream Drive are carefully renovated one by one. The interior of the car is all hand-made and customized. The comfortable and spacious interior fully meets the expectations of those who want to travel in a hotel-like space.

However, these customized parts can take hours or even days to complete. Larger vans will take longer. It took about three weeks of work to complete one camper.

It wasn't just that there was a shortage of manpower, but the complicated process was creating a big impasse. This is the modeling of the parts that connect the outer and inner frames of the car. Jared wants to find an efficient and affordable solution to this extremely laborious problem. And he seems to have decided to call out to 3D Printing Corporation.

Operation method and effect: Succeeded in reducing labor by 3D scanning and 3D printing

‍“The part that I struggled with the most was the part that connects the outer and inner frames of this car. It took 16 hours to carve a piece of wood with a curvature.”

‍We at 3D Printing Corporation first acquired three-dimensional data by optically scanning the interior of the car.

Then use CAD software to design the model based on the scan data. We created the exact dimensions and 3D printed the parts to match the exact shape of the vehicle.

‍“They 3D printed the first part right away. It saves a lot of time. Jared was delighted.

Future prospects

‍“In this collaboration, we see that utilizing technologies such as 3D printing is a new direction for Dream Drive and opens up many possibilities,” Jared said. “We are building new cars – new shapes and ideas. We look forward to continuing our work with 3D Printing Corporation.”

3DPC will continue to help you expand your possibilities.

Jared Campion

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